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Subject: [relax-ng] Re: RELAX NG 2.0 ideas

Message text written by Kohsuke Kawaguchi
So I think it needs to be something like <repeat min="n" max="m"> as
we've discussed in the very early days of RELAX NG.


I prefer 

 <repeat occurs="*" limit="n">  

as fostering better more interoperable software.

Any time you introduced hardwired constriants the 
potential exists for software failure in downstream systems
that do not accommodate the values you are using.

Also - it is impossible to scan quickly into a schema and
see where the "exceptions" are.  With a "limit" mechanism
I can search easily to see if these exist - if no limits exist,
I know I have a normal well-behaved schema.

Good software design should promote good implementations
with reduced failure around unexpected boundary conditions.

Just my pet peeve here!

Cheers, DW.

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