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relax-ng message

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Subject: RE: [relax-ng] converting relax ng schema to w3c schema?

Remember the old Chinese proverb - "Eat shit - a billion flies cannot be

I have this mental image of XML Schema being a helicopter.  The aviators
definition of a helicopter is 100,000 parts moving together in very 
close formation.   Schema certainly requires that level of maintenance
and trained technicians to support it.   And the tactical business use is
similarly limited to descrete mission envelopes.

Also - I think without XMLSpy stepping up and actually making 
Schema useable to a point - then Schema would be a very much
worse shape today.  XMLSpy literally made Schema happen
single handed.

But that's all history - we now need to focus on how we get RELAX
into mainstream...

Message text written by Michael Fitzgerald
I agree that I was too polite or restrained in regard to XML Schema. I
the mistake I have made in the past is that I felt that I didn't need to be
harsh because the problems with XML Schema are obvious, but perhaps not
obvious enough, given current adoption rates.

Eric van der Vlist wrote:
> You've been too kind in your article to compare WXS to a limousine. IMO
> it's rather a big broken truck. And if you need to design a road for
> sport cars and big broken trucks you'd better start making sure it will
> support the big broken trucks, otherwise they will be blocked in the
> first tunnel.


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