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Subject: [relax-ng] [ANN] RelaxMeter

As a summer hobby project, I wrote a simple tool that checks if a
particular grammar written in RELAX NG grammar is ambiguous or not.


One of the alleged problem of RELAX NG wrt XQuery (and several other
application domains) is its ability to express ambiguous grammars, which
makes it impossible to do PSVI with RELAX NG. This tool is a
proof-of-concept that unambiguous subset of RELAX NG can be easily

A schema judged as "unambiguous" by this tool is guaranteed to yield
only one type assignment, and the process of assigning types to XML
documents can be done *independently* from RELAX NG validation process.

The tool is licensed under the MIT license.

To be precise, this tool roughly checks if a grammar is in a class
called "single type". For detailed discussion about "single typeness",
wait for upcoming paper by MURATA Makoto et al.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
E-Mail: kk@kohsuke.org

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