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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Trang XSD output

> I was a little surprised that elements with <text/> content were
> to have mixed content in the Trang XSD output. For example:
> <element name="day">
>  <text/>
> </element>
> becomes
> <xs:element name="day">
>   <xs:complexType mixed="true"/>
> </xs:element>

I believe that's correct.

> which is an implicit anyType.

Are you sure?  My understanding is that:


is short for

      <xs:restriction base="xs:anyType">

which allows neither attributes, child elements not child text nodes, and
thus that

  <xs:complexType mixed="true"/>

allows just child text nodes and hence is equivalent to


in RELAX NG.  I may be wrong -- I often find I misunderstand XSD -- but both
MSXML and XSV seem to agree with me (the version of MSV I tried doesn't

> I suppose this is an early, alpha version approach that will fade away in
> later versions.

Only if somebody reports them.


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