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Subject: [relax-ng] Re: [relax-ng-comment] Definition of"Non-structure preserving translator"

> I think the section 6.3. "Non-structure preserving translator" in the
> compact syntax specification is a bit underspecified:
> "For this purpose, two instances of the data model (as specified in
> Section 2 of [RELAX NG]) are considered loosely equivalent if they are
> identical after applying all the simplifications specified in Section 4
> of [RELAX NG]."
> The critical word here is "identical". The problem is that there is an
> element of non-determinism in the simplification section 4.19.  A
> processor can choose names on defines freely. Also it can put them in any
> order.

You're quite right.  We definitely need to fix this somehow.  Perhaps 
saying that they are loosely equivalent iff one can be transformed into the 
other by renaming and reordering definitions.


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