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relax-ng message

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Subject: [relax-ng] Completed compact syntax draft now available

I have finished updating the compact syntax draft:


This deals with the remaining tasks mentioned in my previous mail:


I have put in the solution to the newline issue specified in the issues 
list (literal newlines allowed in triple quoted strings but not single 
quoted strings).

In addition I have put in the best solution I have been able to think of to 
the problem raised by


Specifically, I have introduced an explicit ~ operator for string literal 
concatenation in place of the previous implicit concatenation of adjacent 
literals.  If anybody has another solution that they prefer to this, please 
speak up now, so that we can still publish after the next meeting as 

Please everybody try to find time to read this through and find any bugs 
before the next telcon. I haven't yet done much checking yet myself and 
there have been quite a lot of changes, so there are likely to be some bugs.


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