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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] a few comments on the spec draft

>> In the 8th para of A.1, we have x ::= x.  I was a bit
>> confused. After reading the next sentence and the
>> production rule for innerNameClass carefully,
>> I understood that x in the right-hand side references
>> to a formal argument.  But it took some time.
>Any concrete suggestions as to how to rephrase that sentence and the 
>previous one.  recognize that there is scope for improvement, but I'm not 
>sure how to do it.

How about adding

  For example, see innerNameClass.  (Note: x 
  in the right-hand side is explained 


"..a default actual argument of x := x is assumed."


>> It would be nice if type names are shown in different
>> fonts.
>What specifically?  I'm already using italic, bold, bold italic and fixed 
>with for other things. Are you suggesting reusing one of those, or using, 
>say, a sans serif font instead?  I think that might to start to look a bit 

If fonts do not work, I would suggest stringt, elementt, 
etc. as type names, where the last "t" is a superscript 
and a Greek letter "tau".  Or, element_type, string_type,

>> The latest version of XQuery Foaml Semantics is:
>> XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Formal Semantics
>> 16 August 2002,
>> Denise Draper et al.
>I specifically didn't reference the latest version.  Instead I chose the 
>last version before they started "improving" it to be more compatible with 
>W3C XML Schema.  That version has a lot of similarities with our work; the 
>latest version has rather fewer.

I see.  



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