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Subject: [relax-ng] Minutes RELAX NG TC mtg 2002-11-14

Minutes for a RELAX NG TC telecon held on 14 November 2002 at 9:00 am EST
(UTC -05:00)






1. Specification draft

James: Has everyone had a chance to look at the draft? Do you have comments?
Makoto: I had some comments on the HTML.
James: Yes, those are bugs in the XML and HTML. I need to have a look at
those. In regard to the names of types, what if we capitalized the type
names? Would that satisfy you, Makoto?
Makoto: Well, I'm not an expert on English...
Kohsuke: Capitalization might help; I can live with it either way.
James: Capitalization couldn't hurt. Can everyone live with that?
All: Yes

James: There was also a bug that David Rosenberg identified having to do
with string concatenation. I have suggested that we use the tilde (~) as a
concatenation operator. I also considered circumflex (^). Does anyone prefer
another character?
Kohsuke: What language uses ~?
James: Perl 6.
Kohsuke: Some use a dot (.); that might be an alternative.
James: Perl used it but people didn't like it. It is easy to lose. In
absence of opposition, we will use the ~.
[No opposition]

Josh: I have an editorial issue: the overloading of the term annotations in
section 5. I found it a little confusing [the use of the term in the
compatibility spec versus the way we use it in the compact spec]
James: We can change the example in 5.4 [use something other than
x:notation]; add a clarifying sentence to the beginning of section 5,
setting the scene for those who may not have read the compatibility spec

James: Mike, you wanted an example?
Mike: I rethought this because we have an example, the RELAX NG compact
schema for RELAX NG at the end of the spec. A reference to this in section 2
would by nice, though.
James: Okay.

James: Publishing plan. I'll discuss with Norm. Perhaps the November 21
could be the day. Let's take a formal vote. Who is in favor of adopting the
compact syntax draft as a committee spec, after I make the minor changes
discussed today?
Josh: In favor
Makoto: Yes
Mike: Yes
Kohsuke: Yes
James: Yes

Makoto: I suggest we amend the ISO DSDL part 2 spec with the compact spec.
James: When is the closing date?
Makoto: DIS is in Dec. 2002.
James: I think US is proposing a name change. Ken [Holman] told me that.
Makoto: After FCD, there is a 6 month ballot, then DSDL part 2 can become an
James: I'd rather not [disrupt/delay] things; we could add it as an
amendment afterwards.

Josh: Are we going to have a face to face at XML 2002?
James: I am not sure I am going yet. What will we discuss?
Makoto: Type assignment.
James: Maybe you can talk me into it. I'll see if I can get a room. [Dropped
off call twice] Let's see if we can do this by email. Let me know your
arrival times, your presentations times, your time of availability. We may
need to call a phone meeting to deal with last minute issues. "Assuming I
can muster enough enthusiasm, I may see you all in Baltimore!"

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