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Subject: [relax-ng] Candidate committee spec for compact syntax.

I've put a candidate version of the committee spec for the compact syntax


I believe this fixes all the outstanding points raised on the list and at
the last telcon.  Things I've done:

- fixed the HTML source by upgrading to latest docbook XSL, fixing some bugs
in my XSL and in the XML source
- changed the status
- type names are capitalized
- added forward reference in Section 1 to Appendix B
- changed example of grammar-level annotation to use x:entity instead of
- added introductory paragraph to section 5
- fixed an error in the second para of A.2.5

I've dated this for the 21st to give people a couple of days to find any
typos; at this stage, unless there's a real showstopper, I am not going to
consider suggestions for major rewordings or improvements; I want to limit
changes to typos, grammatical errors and the like.

Norm, please prepare to publish this on the 21st.  I'll package up the XML
source and the stylesheets before then.


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