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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] (Minor) inconstency between XML and compact syntaxes

> Not very important, but I have just noticed that...
> start = foo, bar
> is allowed while
> <start>
>  <ref name="foo"/>
>  <ref name="bar"/>
> </start>
> is forbidden (the content model of the start element accepts only one
> pattern).

The reason why the latter is forbidden is that there's a tendency to use it
assuming it means

    <ref name="foo"/>
    <ref name="bar"/>

(I think the corresponding thing in RELAX core had such a semantic).  Since
there's an explicit "," in the compact syntax, there's no such problem in
that case.

Anyway, in most cases

  start = foo, bar

will get an error because of 7.1.5.


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