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Subject: RE: [relax-ng] compact syntax tutorial

> Please send me whatever you've done.  I'm not making any promises, but I
> think I'm the logical person to take this over.  Did you work
> from the XML source or the HTML output?

Of course you're the logical guy. Your public awaits!

> Another thing I think we need a tutorial on is XML Schema Datatypes from
> the RELAX NG perspective, i.e. the bits of XML Schema Part 2 that
> are both useful and relevant to a RELAX NG user, presented in a RELAX NG

Sure, especially if our marketing strategy will now be the rnc/rng => xsd
path of schema dev.

> I'm not seeing John's messages to the list. Are they getting bounced?

I think John is no longer an OASIS member because Reuters isn't, but I'm not
sure. If he isn't a member, he can't subscribe directly to the relax-ng
list. Rats.


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