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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] trang instance input module

On Thu, 2003-01-30 at 01:52, MURATA Makoto wrote:
> > An instance input module for Trang would be a nice feature. That is,
> > allowing Trang to take an XML document as input and then best-guessing a
> > schema from it. From a schema developer's point of view, this feature would
> > be very good to have.
> I have just created a RELAX NG schema and WXD schema by 
> using exampletron and trang in sequence.
> My exampletron schema is merely an XML document with some 
> eg:occurs attributes.  I think that thus created RNG schema 
> is a jump start for many people.

Yes, that's really the goal. I'd like to demonstrate the same with UML
to get two different approaches toward Relax NG schemas:

 - Bottom/up from instance documents to Relax NG
 - or top/down from UML class diagrams to Relax NG

And from then one can use trang to generate schemas in other languages.

That's something I plan to explain in my book and eventually submit as a
presentation for the Extreme Markup Language conference this summer.

About Examplotron, I plan to add some additional features to get to the
80/20 point (probably including simple types, control over attributes,
mixed contents and interleave) and then "import" the RNG patterns in the
Examplotron namespace for users who would like to stay with Examplotron
for the remaining 20%.

This could lead to things such as:


where elements from the Examplotron namespace and the same local name
than the corresponding Relax NG patterns would be used to specify these
extra features which would not be available from the Examplotron
attribute based syntax.

Your comments are welcome, on this proposal and also on the features
which should be included in the 80% made available as Examplotron



> Cheers,
See you in Budapest for WWW 2003.
Eric van der Vlist       http://xmlfr.org            http://dyomedea.com
(W3C) XML Schema ISBN:0-596-00252-1 http://oreilly.com/catalog/xmlschema

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