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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Are following annotations forbidden after value andparam ?

>> > but it would seem useful to allow it as an alternative.
>> Why?
> To avoid that people need to check if the preceding pattern is "param"
> or "value" when they want to write a following annotation: it seems
> unecessary to impose this burden.

value, which is a pattern, does allow >>.  You keep referring to "param" as 
a pattern, but it's not a pattern: a pattern is something that matches 
attributes and elements.

>> is conceptually an operator that either

- takes a pattern and an annotation and yields a name class, or
- takes a name class and an annotation and yields a name class

One could complicate this and extend >> to operate on an annotation and a 
parameter and yield a parameter, but I don't think it's a good idea.  The 
"normal" way to do annotations in the compact syntax is with a leading [] 
and that works with param.  >> is a special additional way of doing 
annotations that works for patterns and name classes; having a special 
additional way for params that does always exactly the same thing as the 
normal way seems more confusing than helpful to me.


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