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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Are following annotations forbidden after value andparam ?

> Yes, I guess I need to find a generic term for Relax NG "elements" in
> the XML syntax! I don't like to use "element" since it's confusing,
> "pattern" isn't accurate and saying "pattern, name class or param" is
> too verbose!


The elements in the XML syntax fall into the following groups:

- patterns: element, attribute, empty, notAllowed, data, value, text, list, 
mixed, oneOrMore, zeroOrMore, optional, group, choice, interleave, ref, 
parentRef, grammar, externalRef

- name classes: choice, name, anyName, nsName

- components: define, start, div, include

- param

- except

> Maybe "component" as defined in "4.7 include element"?

The compact syntax spec uses component to mean "thing that can occur in a 
grammar", i.e. define, start, div, include.

> That also leads me to another question: do you have a list of components
> considered as patterns?

See above. Look at the EBNF in the compact syntax or RELAX NG specs. The 
definition of pattern gives you the constructs that count as patterns.


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