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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] trang instance input module


I'm just catching up on my email here.

This is exactly the area that the OASIS CAM TC is focused

The key is re-usable assembly of content components.

So you have to formalize the conceptual model - using
UBL / ebXML  / UML et al - and store those preferably
in some registry - then you have classification and
solid semantics on the context and business use

From there you move to the logical and physical
layer and that is where CAM and RELAX come in.

Using CAM you do indeed select the components
you wish to assemble together, including sub-assembly,
and then apply business context rules - and derive
the physical structure - which of course can be
autogenerated into RELAX - by the CAM processor.

I'm scrambling to document the ideas that are 
following in CAM space at the moment - update
the latest draft spec'.   I was supposed to have it
done last week - hopefully next couple of days
will get that done.    Then I think we can focus in
on details and requirements here.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by James Clark
>Maybe an interactive tool would be more useful in this case. The tool
present intelligent choices for the user to make with sensible defaults 
based on the instance documents.  For example,

- the user could specify that a particular set of elements share a common 
content model

- for a particular attribute, there may be multiple datatypes that match 
all the values found; the tool would allow the user to choose which of 
these would be used

- an attribute of a particular name might be found on elements with 
different names; the tool would allow the user to say whether the value of 
the attribute depended on the parent element or not

Do any of the exisiting commercial tools do this sort of thing?

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