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Subject: [relax-ng] RE: [relax-ng-comment] InstanceToSchema 1.0

Didier Demany wrote:
> I am pleased to announce InstanceToSchema 1.0 [1]
> InstanceToSchema is a RELAX NG schema generator from XML instances.

I was very happy to see this. I have been using it with good results. It is
probably a safe choice for I2S NOT to guess at datatypes. One thing that
would be nice, though, is to have a namespace that would allow you to
annotate instances to indicate what datatype you would like to have in the
schema, something like:

<month dt:type="short"

giving you:

<element name="month">
 <data type="xsd:short">

like eg:content="xsd:short"> and att="{xsd:short}" gives you in Examplotron


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