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Subject: RE: [relax-ng] New jing/trang releases

James Clark wrote:
> - trang has an XML input module that infers schemas (this was written

I am very happy, of course, to see your inference module. I have been having
mostly good results, except with DTD output. In certain instances, the DTD
generator truncates.

Two examples:

C:\XML\Rng\Examples>cat record.xml
<Record transactionID="MSG-2001-12-01-00001">
 <Partner type="DUNS">86-757-8317</Partner>
 <ProductID type="ISBN">1-887309-04-7</ProductID>
 <Shipping vendor="FedEx">Overnight</Shipping>

C:\XML\Rng\Examples>java -jar \lib\trang.jar record.xml record.dtd

C:\XML\Rng\Examples>cat record.dtd
<?xml encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!ELEMENT Record (Date,Partner,ProductID,Shipping,Comments)>
<!ATTLIST Record
  xmlns CDATA #FIXED ''
  transactionID  #REQUIRED>


C:\XML\Rng\Examples>cat order.xml

C:\XML\Rng\Examples>java -jar \lib\trang.jar order.xml order.dtd

C:\XML\Rng\Examples>cat order.dtd
<?xml encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!ELEMENT Order (Date,Item,What)>
  xmlns CDATA #FIXED ''>


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