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Subject: Compact Syntax Tutorial available

I've done produced a compact syntax tutorial and put it at:


I can now produce both the XML and the compact syntax tutorials from a 
single XML source.  I'm using the docbook role attribute to do this. 
Stuff that goes in the compact tutorial only has a role="compact" 
attribute and stuff that goes in the XML tutorial only has a role="xml" 
attribute.  I have a couple of trivial XML stylesheets that generate an 
XML/compact syntax version of the tutorial in XML, and then I generate 
the HTML from that.  The source is available at


I started with the current tutorial source. Then I automatically 
extracted the examples, added wrappers/namespace declarations if 
necessary to make them legal RELAX NG, converted them to RNC with trang, 
and then merged them back into the source.  Unfortunately, there was
then a huge amount of editing/writing to turn this into a decent
tutorial for the compact syntax.  There are changes throughout the 
document and sections 10, 12, 13 and 16 are completely new.

The XML syntax tutorial that is generated from my single source is at:


Relative to the current Committee Spec this has the following changes:

- the published errata have been incorporated

- I found a bunch of typos that I fixed

- it has a couple more sentences on XSD including a reference to our 
Guidelines doc

- it mentions and gives references to the compact syntax

- I tweaked the wording in a few places where it was needlessly XML 
syntax specific, basically changed a few occurrences of "element" to 

- I tweaked the phrasing in a couple of sentences

If somebody wants to produce a color-coded diff between this and the 
current committee spec, that would be great.

In due course, I would like to publish the compact syntax tutorial and a 
new edition of the XML syntax tutorial.  Before doing so, there are a 
couple of things that I would like to add:

- something about <except> inside <data>

- an appendix giving a one or two page summary of the more useful parts 
of XML Schema Part 2 from the perspective of a RELAX NG user


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