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Subject: New RELAX NG home page

Previously http://relaxng.org redirected to the OASIS RELAX NG TC page 
at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/relax-ng/.  I have come to the 
conclusion that this is no longer a good idea, given that OASIS no 
longer allows TCs to maintain their home pages directly and given that 
RELAX NG now belongs as much to ISO as it does to OASIS. I think it is 
preferable that the OASIS RELAX NG TC page be the home page just for 
OASIS RELAX NG TC, rather than for RELAX NG in general.

I have therefore stopped the redirection, and have instead created a 
separate page at http://relaxng.org. At the moment, I'm hosting this on 
a server I control at a commercial hosting service: it's a virtual 
subhost at the same IP address as thaiopensource.com.  If anybody wants 
to volunteer to maintain this instead of me, that would be great: I'm 
probably the world's worst webmaster.  I can give the maintainer direct 
ftp access to the web site.

I feel slightly uncomfortable about taking personal responsibility for 
relaxng.org.  The ideal solution would be to find a large, stable 
non-profit organization that was willing to make a long-term commitment 
to host relaxng.org for free and provide shell/ftp access to a 
maintainer.  Suggestions are welcome.  In the absence of this, I think 
the current solution, although not ideal, is probably the best available.

I have taken the links from the old TC page, plus some of the content 
that got lost during the OASIS transition to Kavi, plus some new links. 
  I have also tried to say a little bit more about each piece of 
software, so that users can more easily tell whether it's likely to be 
what they need.  If I've omitted anything or mischaracterized anything, 
please send me corrections.  Any other suggestions for improvements on 
the page are also welcome.

New versions of the tutorials (updated per Mike's suggestions) are 
available from relaxng.org.


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