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Subject: Ann: XSL stylesheet performing the Relax NG simplification


I have uploaded a XSLT transformation performing most of the
simplification described in the Relax NG specification:


I have found this transformation
useful to understand the simplification process and it exposes the
intermediary results step by step.

To run it, you'll need a XSLT processor supporting the exsl:document
(used to write the intermediary steps) and xsl:node-set (used to perform
the different steps in a single stylesheet) extension.

I think that some understanding of the simplification is often needed to
understand error messages by Relax NG processors and may interest not
only implementers but also schema developers and I have used it for the
corresponding chapter in my book:


The transformation is not totally complete nor fully tested and error
reports are welcome.

Also, I think that it could be a good feature for Relax NG processors
(and maybe for Trang?) to have an option to dump the simplified schema.

Hope this will help.


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