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Subject: Re: Question about WXS datatypes ID, IDREF and IDREFS

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 20:06, Kohsuke Kawaguchi wrote:
> > are two examples of schemas which are valid if the processor supports
> > only WXS and invalid if it supports also DTD compatibility.
> I think our terminology is that a schema is either correct or incorrect.
> Then we say instances are valid or invalid.

Right. I'll try to keep to this terminology too.

> Technically, a schema is still correct even if it violates the DTD
> compatibility. It is just said to be "DTD incompatible"


> Similarly, instances are still valid even if it breaks the ID/IDREF
> restriction. It is just said to be not sound wrt the ID/IDREF feature.

Got it...
> > If I wanted to define a datatype library with added constraints such as:
> > "this datatype can only appear in an attribute", would you consider this
> > as "valid"? To me, it would be breaking the assumption of independence
> > between the markup and the content. Furthermore, if I look at the
> > definitions of the data and value patterns, such as:
> You cannot define a datatype library like that, because the RELAX NG model
> of datatypes don't let datatype libraries specify things like that.

That's what I meant.

> What you can do is to define an additional feature of RELAX NG and
> define your own conformance. You can then say "this schema is compatible
> with the XYZ feature" or "this instance is sound with the XYZ feature".
> Note that you still haven't changed anything written in the RELAX NG
> spec. You are just adding things on top of it.
Until you are adding more restrictions that's OK, but I suspect it would not be possible to "remove" a constraint expressed in the spec.

Thanks for these clarifications, they help a lot!


> > datatypeAllows(u, ln, params, s, cx)
> > 
> > There isn't enough information to check if the value is in an element or
> > an attribute or a list token.
> > 
> > Is this what you meant in your first sentence; that this is a feature
> > (checking ID types) associated to a datatype library (which just does
> > the lexical control)?
> regards,
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