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Subject: A new XML mode for Emacs with RELAX NG support

I have been working on a new GNU Emacs mode for editing XML documents, 
which can take advantage of RELAX NG.  An alpha release is available for 
download as:


It requires GNU Emacs 21.x (neither Emacs 20 nor XEmacs will work), but 
apart from that has no other prerequisites: everything is implemented in 
Emacs Lisp.

It currently supports RELAX NG Compact Syntax only.  It does incremental 
XML parsing and RELAX NG validation.  It supports W3C XML Schema datatypes.

The idea is to work like typical modern IDEs. It continually reparses 
and revalidates during the idle time between keystrokes and underlines 
the invalid parts of the buffer.  It can do context-sensitive completion 
of start-tag names, attribute names and enumerated attribute values.

This is still very much a work in progress.  Most of the work has been 
on providing the underlying infrastructure to support incremental 
parsing and validation.  There's still much to be done in exploiting 
this infrastructure in support of XML editing.  I hope early users will 
help figure out the best way to do this.


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