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Subject: A new IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Policy

On 9 July OASIS announced to its membership a draft IPR (Intellectual
Property Rights) Policy.  This will have some impacts on each member
and the RELAX NG TC.

The RELAX NG TC will be allowed nine (9) months after the effective
date of the new IPR Policy to either finish the work or transition to
the new IPR Policy.

If the RELAX NG TC transfers to the new policy, it has to choose one
of the three modes: RAND IPR Mode, Unrestricted RF IPR Mode, or
Restricted RF IPR Mode. 

Each member is encouraged to sign the new Membership Agreement as soon
as possible.  If the RELAX NG TC transfers to the new IPR policy,
those who have not signed the new Membership Agreement cannot 
participate in the RELAX NG TC.

We have two otions.  The first option is to finish the work within 9
months and dissolve.  This option prevents us from starting RELAX NG
Version 2.   The second is to transfer to the new IPR (when?) and choose
one of the three modes. I do not know advantages and disadvantages of
this option, especially because I am not aware of any IPR issues about

Your comments and suggestions are very welcome.  Since the new IPR 
policy is still a draft, we might want to send comments.


MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) <EB2M-MRT@asahi-net.or.jp>

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