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Subject: Two errata for RNG

I propose these two errata for the RELAX NG specification.  If there are no 
objections from the RELAX NG TC in two weeks, as the chair, I will declare 
that they are unanimously agreed.  I will then, as the errata editor,  
prepare draft errata.

The first one is to mention DSDL Part 2.  The second one is for closure 
under boolean operations.  This comes from Haruo (XDuce) Hosoya.

> Hosoya-san suggested a restriction for ensuring closure under boolean operations.
> An infinite-nameclass <attribute> is required to have <text/> as its content.
> I am not completely happy about this, but have not reached a realistic alternative 
> restriction.  More about this, see page 6 and pages 22 thru 23 of our manuscript at:
> http://www.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~hahosoya/papers/attelm.ps

I believe that nobody would like to constrain attribute values without 
constraining attribute names tightly.  Thus, users lose nothing because 
of this change.

James and I have already incorporated Hosoya-san's suggestion in 
DSDL Part 2.  Although I do not know if any implementations support this 
already, I believe that this is a correct thing to do.

> 1) RELAX NG as an ISO standard
> Since RELAX NG becomes an ISO standard, "This is the definitive 
> specification of RELAX NG" in the abstract is no longer true.  
> I would propose 
> 	This specification defines RELAX NG, ...
> We should also mention the ISO standard as a non-normative document.
> 	ISO/IEC IS 19757-2 also defines RELAX NG.  Its technical content of 
> 	is identical to this specification, but there 
> 	are editorial differences to satisfy ISO rules.
> 2) Attributes using infinite name classes shall have <text/>
> As we have discussed long time ago,  attributes using infinite name classes 
> should have <text/>.
> FDIS of RELAX NG says:
> 	Attributes using infinite name classes shall have text as their value.
> 	More precisely, an attribute element that has an anyName or nsName
> 	descendant element shall have a text child element. NOTE 2 This
> 	restriction is necessary for closure under negation.
> Cheers,

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) <EB2M-MRT@asahi-net.or.jp>

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