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Subject: Future of RELAX NG


The OASIS RNG TC has two procedural problems: RELAX NG is NOT an OASIS
standard, and the OASIS RELAX NG TC does not obey to the OASIS Liaison Policy, 
which imposes constraints on submitting OASIS specs to other
standardization organizations.


I have contacted OASIS people about procedural and IPR issues but they
do not respond.

SC34 has had some discussions on the maintenance of RELAX NG in Oslo on 3/22.  
OASIS is a category-A liaison of SC34.  This means that members of the RELAX NG TC 
can participate in SC34 meetings.  Voting is different, since only P-members 
of SC34 are allowed to vote.

To avoid the two procedural problems mentioned above, I think that the
best way to go forward is:

(1) SC34 the authoritative committee for the RNG specification,

(2) members of the OASIS RNG TC paricipate in discussions 
    by e-mail or F2F, 

(3) the OASIS RNG TC continues to make the OASIS committee specification
    identical to 19757-2, 

(4) the OASIS RNG TC maintains what has not been standardized by SC34.  
    That is, RELAX NG Tutorial, Guidelines for using W3C XML 
    Schema Datatypes with RELAX NG, and RELAX NG Compact Syntax
    (which is only partially standardized by SC34.)

(5) the OASIS RNG TC can do promotion and education.

How do people feel?  Some people feel that ISO/IEC is not important in
the US, but I would argue that the ODF .vs. OOXML issue reminds me of 


MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) <EB2M-MRT@asahi-net.or.jp>

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