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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Future of RELAX NG

Norman Walsh wrote:

> I think moving the standards work from OASIS to ISO effectively makes
> the RELAX NG standards work invisible to most people in the US. I
> think that's risky, but I don't have a better answer.

I do know nothing about how ISO works in US, but by "invisible" you mean
that it is complicated to get involved or that there will be no visible
direct outcome of OASIS RELAX NG TC?

I have not ISO JTC1 directives by hand, but I think that members of
liaison organizations (like OASIS) could take part in ISO process,
except they do not have separate voting rights. This way anyone
interested who is member of OASIS TC should not have problem working in
ISO group.

> I think there's value in letting RELAX NG be "stable" but I think it's
> also important for the technology to be seen to be evolving. That's a
> natural tension and I think we've probably played "stability" as far
> as we can. I think it's time to start discussing, if not actually
> implementing, a RELAX NG 1.1.

I agree.

> I, for one, would like to revisit the ID/IDREF pattern constraints and
> I'd like RELAX NG to support xml:id. I think we should also consider
> what to do about XML Schema Datatypes V1.1.

We started collecting new feature requests at the end of the last year.
There is also my "wish":


Maybe we can start collecting issues/feature requests that could go to
RELAX NG 1.1 even before it is clear which body will formally host
further development of RELAX NG.

If there is consensus about collecting feature requests, I can volunteer
collecting requirements from emails and edit them into single
requirements document so it will be ready when we are ready to discuss
new features.


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