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Subject: [rights-examples] six new use cases

These are slightly modified versions of some use cases that I had around. I
named them in such a way that each would have an ID that reflected its
origin (in this case, LexisNexis) for tracking purposes.

I have begun working on markup for them, and will shortly post my discussion
about this markup with Thomas so that the discussion can continue on the

Comments and suggestions for modifications of these use cases are welcome.



scenario ln001

This article and all of its components may be viewed by any customer until
February 1, 2003. From 2/2/03 to 5/1/03, only customers belonging to
customer class"c10012" (e.g. who paid extra for a particular collection of
services) may view it. After 5/1/03, only accounts from customer class
"c104033" may view it.

scenario ln002

The body of this article may be retrieved by any customer, but the pictures
may only be viewed by customers paying for a special deluxe plan (plan
"c10056"). They may view the pictures either as part of the article or
separately without the article.

scenario ln003 

The body of this article may be retrieved by any customer. Of its 3 images
(here identified as i1, i2, and i3), anyone may view i1 and i2, but only as
part of the article. No one may view i3 for now, but its permissions may
change. i2 and i3 have the same contact information, which must be
associated with the images in case someone is interested in procuring usage

scenario ln004

Rights for reproduction of the text content are governed by contract
cn234123 between the provider and LexisNexis; rights for reproduction of the
images are governed by contract cn332789.

scenario ln005

This article may only be viewed by customers in the United States, Canada,
and Mexico. They may view it or print it, but may not save it as a disk

scenario ln006

This article may only be delivered to users reading it with a specific
hardware device, e.g. a particular e-book reader.

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