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Subject: RE: [rights-examples] Minutes of 7/3 conference call

Title: RE: [rights-examples] Minutes of 7/3 conference call

since we don't have people in UK anymore, would it be o.k. to move the meeting time to 10 PDT (1 EDT) on a regular basis?


-----Original Message-----
From: DuCharme, Bob (LNG) [mailto:bob.ducharme@lexisnexis.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2002 9:08 AM
To: 'rights-examples@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: [rights-examples] Minutes of 7/3 conference call

present: DuCharme, DeMartini, Paramasivan

(Dave Parrott no longer part of subcomittee, or, I believe the RLTC)

Discussed spec milestone dates and our need to schedule around them.

Discussed our role as providing examples (follow-ons to demonstrate spec
features) vs. use cases (pre-spec scenarios to help determine requirements).

Bob has created some use cases, begun marking them up in XrML, and had
private correspondence with Thomas about the markup. He agreed to put the
use cases and the discussion on the mailing list and to continue the
discussion there.

Bob has requested some use cases from the magazine publishing people in the
PRISM group, and Thomas agreed to request some use cases from the
requirements SC.

Agreed to have the next conference call in the same slot on 7/16.

Discussed the format of the use case presentation, and agreed that one
document for each made the most sense. These will be posted on the RLTC web
site with a directory for them. Initial submission of use cases will be to
mailing list, from where they will be gathered, discussed, and added to the
web site.

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