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Subject: [rights-examples] Notes from 8/13 con call

Present: Bob, Thomas, Hari, Parama.

The following points were discussed in Tuesday's conference call. (Thanks to
Parama for writing them out):

-       Need for examples that emphasized the "core" schema of XrML. While
we understand that the core by itself may not be sufficient to cover an
end-to-end business model, we should create more examples that demonstrate
core features and capture "general" business models (such as
super-distribution) which may apply to a variety of domains. Hari's examples
are steps in this direction.

-       Along the same lines, Parama will go through the MPEG examples and
extract some that illustrate the strength of the core. Some may need
revision to de-emphasize the mpeg extension aspects and accentuate the core.
We may also bring out another example that is "structurally" similar to the
fleshed-out MPEG example but addresses another domain. This would
demonstrate how the two marked-up examples are similar in their usage of the
core concepts and differ only in domain specific extensions. As an aside,
someone needs to go through the XrML cookbook/tutorial and get some examples
out to accomplish the same.

-       Some question has been raised regarding the "asymmetry" of XrML
licenses and what the implications are. It will be useful to describe an
example that emphasizes mutual or bilateral or consensus-based or symmetric
(not sure what the right word here is) agreement and show the licenses that
capture this example. The point being, even if a single license itself can
be viewed as asymmetric (issuer and issuee), a combination of licenses can
cover the "symmetric" requirements. Hari brought up another angle on this
issue: not enough people realize that, with regard to some piece of content
(or any digital item/piece of information), a single party does not have to
be either a license issuer or an issuee; the party can be both. Examples
that demonstrate this will show people the wider possibilities for the role
that a single party can play in a given license.

-       Licenses can contain "issue" and "obtain" rights. Whether we call
these "meta-rights" or "meta-licenses," we need some examples that
demonstrate the use of these language constructs.

-       Need for "separation of concerns." It will be worthwhile at some
point now to look at the pieces that make up a system that uses rights
languages to perform enforcement. Some of these pieces may be already in
existence or standardized (e.g. SOAP for messaging). Even for those pieces
that are yet to be standardized or remain undefined, or that are probably
not in the scope of the RLTC (e.g. DRM systems), it is worthwhile to call
them out and outline the precise scope of the RLTC.

-       Hari pointed out that people often bring up the lack of a "role" (or
equivalent) construct in XrML. This is clearly not the case. The language
has a much more powerful construct ("possessProperty") that when used with
prerequisiteRight (or the shorthand "everyOne") can express roles.
Essentially, possessProperty allows issuing licenses to "named" groups with
dynamic (non-fixed) members. The membership of such groups can be changed by
issuing or revoking licenses with the "possessProperty" right. It will be
extremely useful to get some examples of roles and other such requirements
and address these examples (using the licenses with the possessProperty
right if called for). Not sure if we want to first get all the requirements
and point to a canonical use case that captures the essence of such
requirements. Bob's ln00x use cases include opportunities to demonstrate
this, and he will work to incorporate this. 


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