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Subject: [rights-examples] FW: Revised examples

Title: FW: Revised examples

Forwarding for Aaron...I am assuming that he was unable to post this since he is not currently subscribed to the list.

-----Original Message-----
From: Aaron Burstein [mailto:burstein@boalthall.berkeley.edu]
Sent: Monday, November 11, 2002 3:55 PM
To: Reddy, Hari; Rights-Examples (E-mail);
drowan@boalthall.berkeley.edu; dmulligan@law.berkeley.edu
Subject: Re: Revised examples


Point 3(b) should have been written to reflect the structure in 3(a):
the school administrator communicates that she can print N copies of
the excerpt of the book.


Reddy, Hari wrote:
> Hi Aaron/Dean:
> In use case 3, bullet b, who communicates to the school administrator
> that he/she can print an excerpt of the book N times?
> Thanks...
> Regards,
> Hari
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Aaron Burstein [mailto:burstein@boalthall.berkeley.edu]
> Sent: Friday, November 08, 2002 12:36 PM
> To: DeMartini, Thomas; Reddy, Hari; DuCharme, Bob (LNG-EWR)
> Cc: burstein@boalthall.berkeley.edu; drowan@boalthall.berkeley.edu;
> dmulligan@law.berkeley.edu
> Subject: Revised examples
> Hi everyone --
> I've attempted to reduce our previous set of examples to display the
> entities and communications of interest. (I included the original
> examples just for reference.) I hope this takes things in the right
> direction -- If these need further refinement please let me and Dean
> know. Thanks.
> Aaron
> 1. Alice, a music critic, publishes reviews on her own Web site.
> There is no fee required for access to the site, and Alice attracts
> enough readers to have attracted the attention of record company
> executives. Alice's reviews always contain excerpts from the work
> under review. This week she is reviewing the latest release from a
> band whose last four albums she has panned. After listening to this
> new album, Alice knows that her review will be critical. She knows
> that seeking permission to sample portions of the album will be
> fruitless, so she simply extracts what she needs and links the
> streaming audio files to her review.
> Entities:
> 1. Alice
> 2. Any visitor to her web site
> Communications:
> A. Alice tells Alice she can excerpt relevant portions the musical
> recording. (Note that it is central to the example that Alice does
> not seek permission from the original issuer of the rule set that she
> possesses.)
> B. Alice tells any visitor to her web site (see (2), supra) that he
> can listen to the excerpt.
> 2. Professor Carole has decided to put several textual and multimedia
> works from her personal collection on digital reserve for her history
> course this term. Each of her students must have access to these
> artifacts for the term of the course, in several popular formats.
> They will have the ability to include excerpts of these works in
> their term projects.
> Entities:
> 1. Professor Carole
> 2. The students in her class
> Communications:
> A. Professor Carole tells Professor Carole that she can convert the
> relevant works from their initial format to her format of choice.
> B. Professor Carole tells her students that they can use excerpts of
> the works that she makes available. (Professor Carole and her
> individual students would probably define specific excerpts, which
> Professor Carole would then explicitly authorize.)
> 3. A non-profit school for the blind owns a Braille printer. The
> school uses this printer to reproduce excerpts of an electronic
> version of the biography of an important political figure for some of
> its students.
> Entities:
> 1. School administrator
> 2. The electronic version of a book in viewable character (i.e.,
> non-Braille) format
> 3. Braille printing device
> Communications:
> A. School administrator tells school administrator that he can print
> an excerpt of the book in (2).
> B. School administrator can repeat (A)  N times, for each of the N
> students in the class.

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