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Subject: [rights-examples] RLTC Examples SC 03-05-03 meeting minutes

Hello All:
Here are the minutes from the 03-05-03 meeting.
Hari Reddy
Bob DuCharme
Thomas DeMartini
TJ Pannu
Meeting started at 3:30 PM ET.
1. Nominations for Chair
Bob DuCharme stated that he was not available to be Chair. The group suggested Lisa Rein who had offered assistance previously. Hari will send a note to Lisa.
2. Review of submitted examples
Hari reviewed the examples submitted by the law clinic. During the last meeting of the Requirements meeting, the clinic provided clarification to their examples.
3. Work Plan
Bob DuCharme stated that he would not be available to help out with the examples.
Thomas suggested that he and TJ could work on the first example (Digital First Sale) of the latest submission of the law clinic. Hari offered to help. We will need to find more resources to do the other examples.
Meeting ended at 3:45 PM ET.

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