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Subject: [rights-requirements] Requirements SC Meeting 07-03-02 - MeetingLogistics and Agenda

Title: Requirements SC Meeting 07-03-02 - Meeting Logistics and Agenda

Hello Everyone:
The following are the details for the 07-03-02 RLTC Requirements SC Conference Call:

Domestic Phone Number: 1-877-652-1564
International Phone Number: 847-619-6753

Passcode: 7495034

Start: 11:00 AM EDT
End:  12:00 PM EDT

If anyone has any problems during the call, you may reach me on my cell phone (1-716-415-9844).

From conversations that I have had with several of our members, I am expecting several submissions in the next few days. We can discuss these during the "Process Updates" section of our call. Again as a quick reminder, this section is a standing part of our meetings.

Office: 240-694-1246
Cell: 716-415-9844

July 3, 2002 Agenda:
1. Administrative
1.1 Roll Call

2. Vote
2.1 Approve 6-26 Meeting Minutes

3. Process Updates
Review from Source entity representatives
1. ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11 (MPEG ("Motion Picture Expert Group")) - BG/PS
2. XBRL ("extensible Business Reporting Language") - HR
3. ebXML/UBL ("electronic business XML/Universal Business Language")- BobG
4. OeBF ("Open eBook Forum") - BG
5. AAP ("American Association of Publishers") - BG
6. CEN/ISS DRM Working Group - BG/HR
7. OMA ("Open Mobile Alliance") - JE (tentative)
8. Reuters - DP
9. Creative Commons - JE
10. Digital Consumer - JE
11. Web Services - BobA

12. American Library Association and/or  Research Library Group - RC

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