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rights-requirements message

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Subject: [rights-requirements] Email from Patrick

Title: Email from Patrick

Hello All:
The enclosed is the email from Patrick that was forwarded to me...

Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 10:12:51 -0500
To: digital-copyright@lists.umuc.edu
From: "Charles E. Jones" <cejo@midway.uchicago.edu>
Subject: Re: call for input on digital rights management
Message-Id: <p04320411b94621cc98fe@[]>

Forwarded at the request of the undersigned.

>Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 07:51:55 -0400
>From: Patrick Durusau <pdurusau@emory.edu>
>I deeply appreciate Robin Cover's post to the list requesting DRM
>requirements and would urge the academic community to response
>appropriately, even given the rather short deadline for requirements
>(7 August 2002).
>In terms of deciding to devote summer hours to this task, please
>consider the membership of this TC:
>Hari Reddy, Chairperson ContentGuard
>Carlisle Adams, Entrust
>Bob Atkinson, Microsoft
>Thomas DeMartini, ContentGuard
>John Erickson, H.P.
>Brad Gandee, Secretary ContentGuard
>Bob Glushko, CommerceOne
>Thomas Hardjono, Verisign
>Hal Lockhart, Entegrity
>M. Paramasivam, Microsoft
>David Parrott, Reuters
>Harry Piccariello, ContentGuard
>Peter Schirling, IBM
>Xin Wang, ContentGuard
>While I am sure all the members of the TC will try to develop a
>standard that represents the interests of everyone affected by the
>DRM standard, I fail to see any representation of the academic,
>library or other communities. That is not to imply any fault on the
>part of the TC or OASIS, as a community academics have tended to
>absent themselves from such discussions.
>The interests of the academic community in issues such as "fair use"
>and allowing free (or at least non-commercial) use of texts and
>research will not be well served by a standard that protects the
>commercial rights in the "Lion King" and similar artifacts. Our
>requirements are different and any standard for DRM should not
>attempt a one size fits all solution. I am sure that the TC would
>welcome academic input that would lead to a more nuanced standard
>that meets a wide range of needs, one of the hallmarks of a
>successful standard.
>Note that a DRM standard will eventually find its way into
>hardware/software and it will be too late to complain at that point
>that it does not meet the needs of the academic community.
>Please forward Robin's note (and my comments if you think
>appropriate) to anyone you know who is interested in "fair use" or
>more generally access to academic materials, since a DRM standard
>will deeply affect both issues.

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