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rights-requirements message

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Subject: [rights-requirements] Collected requirements

SC members,

I have collected the six documents representing four
requirements "submissions" received so far into a ZIP
archive.  I converted documents not already in
PDF format to PDF, for uniformity (and hope no
essential information was lost in the conversion).

As I review my email and the logs, these represent
all the (posted) contributions through 2002-07-12.

They are from:


See original documents at:


Anyone wishing to have this ZIP archive for convenience may send
email requesting it.  I think the file is about 2.5 MB.

Hari, if this would be useful for your document repository, please let me

Best wishes,

Robin Cover

PS  Hari, all: sorry to have missed the SC meeting on Wed.  I lost my
broadband connection for 11.5 days and have had other pressing obligations
which now put me behind a couple weeks.  I regret that I cannot report any
tangible results (documents) from the RLG/ALA people, though I have
received several notifications of interest from individuals.  These
academic groups are not collectively very active in the late summer
(vacation) months, so coordinating at short notice may prove difficult.
It's a shame because they have legitimate concerns which deserve to
be articulated as business-model requirements.  See for example:


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