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Subject: [rights-requirements] RLTC Requirements SC Minutes 11-20-02 DRAFT andRLTC Requirements Document Rev 16

Title: RLTC Requirements SC Minutes 11-20-02 DRAFT and RLTC Requirements Document Rev 16

Hello Everyone:
Here are the minutes for last weeks meeting. Please send me any changes to the minutes before the next meeting.

I have also updated and included the Requirements Document to Revision 16. You can view the changes using "track changes" or alternatively you may refer to the change matrix on the cover page. Included in this Revision is the SC's input to the Introduction and the individual Requirements. We need to add a few more descriptive examples/words to SX15 and R25. I have included the refinement to Paragraph 5 of the Introduction that I received from Aaron, Lisa and Thomas.

Please review these documents for the next meeting and submit any comments to the list.

Thanks everyone and have a great holiday!


<<11-20-02 Requirements SC Meeting Minutes.doc>> <<RLTC Requirements Rev 16.doc>>

Attachment: 11-20-02 Requirements SC Meeting Minutes.doc
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Attachment: RLTC Requirements Rev 16.doc
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