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rights-requirements message

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Subject: [rights-requirements] requirements

Requirements attached.
Brian may want to circulate his comments on an earlier version of this
document to the list as well. This version responds to Brian's comments
and incorporates most of his recommendations.  However, in his comments
Brian raised questions about the appropriateness of "communication
requirements" (the areas in the requirements document where we note that
for the REL to support the interaction as it normally occurs today there
must be no communication about the activity back to the CH). Brian's
primary concern is that he views this as a protocol rather than an REL
issue. While it is fine to allow alternative models based on on-going
communication with the CH, the requirement set out is to support what
currently occurs, ie no such communication.  Certainly alternative uses
of information, business models etc., even trust models, may develop
around the ability to verify with the CH the rights being transferred.
Understanding Brian's concern, this document maintains the
"communication requirements" in an attempt to explore the line between
the REL and the protocol.

Brian -- if we've failed to capture a comment or you have more to add
please jump in. Thanks, Deirdre

Deirdre K. Mulligan
Acting Clinical Prof. and Director
Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy clinic
Boalt Hall
University of California
346 North Addition
Berkeley, CA 94720-7200

v 510.642.0499
f 510.643.4625

Attachment: short_examples_01.14.03submission.doc
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