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Subject: Re: [rights-requirements] Royalty Free Requirement

I agree with Patrick's interpretations of his various scenarios --- IMHO, none
of these reasonably qualifies as an "implementation."

Patrick continues:

> I see implementation as the actual processing of an XrML
> statement for  the purpose of regulating access or usage
> of a digital resource. Some  implementations may be covered
> by ContentGuard IP, others may not be. What I am attempting
> to do here is delimit the range of what we are  calling an
> implementation so we can focus on what parts of the language
> may or may not be tied to a particular bit of known IP...

I think we can be more specific: I think we can say that any XrML-processing
code that is NOT a precise implementation of the "Authorization Algorithm" is
NOT an "implementation" of XrML. Which raises the question: under what
conditions (scenarios) might there be a RF implementation of the XrML
Authorization Algorithm?

Note that this only meant to suggest what it means to "implement XrML"; I'm not
in any way saying anything about the broader issue of the applicability of
ContentGuard's patents to other DRM approaches, etc.


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