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Subject: [rights] Submission of Requirements from NMI DRM Workshop

The following is submitted to the RLTC Requirements SC on behalf of Mairéad
Martin, and represents requirements from the research and education (R&E)


We would like to submit the document "DRM Requirements for Research & Education:
Discussion Paper" to the OASIS RLTC for their consideration, and attached is the
document in PDF format. Please note that this document should be considered a
draft, and does not yet include input from the participants at the NMI and DRM
Workshop held on Sept. 9, 2002. We will be revising this document based on the
workshop discussions and feedback we  have been receiving. We envision the
revised document being ready in a four to eight week timeframe.


Ms. Mairéad Martin                              maireadm@utk.edu
Director, Advanced Internet Technologies        http://www.ait.utk.edu/
Office of Research & Information Technology     Tel: 865.974.6454
The University of Tennessee                     Fax: 865.974.6508

| John S. Erickson, Ph.D.
| Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
| PO Box 1158, Norwich, Vermont USA 05055
| 802-649-1683 (vox) 802-371-9796 (cell) 802-649-1695 (fax)
| john_erickson@hpl.hp.com         AIM/YIM/MSN: olyerickson

Attachment: DRM_Requirements.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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