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rsa-cti-interop message

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Subject: RSA 2017 Booth Staff List...CTI

Hi Everyone,

Attached is the current list of registered booth staff representatives. Please review and forward any missing and/or corrections no later than Monday, 6 February.

In addition, we have several extra booth staff passes available.
Extra passes will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to reserve one for an additional company representative, please forward their contact details (name, job title, email) by Monday, 6 February. 

As a reminder: Due to space constraints, we ask each company to limit the amount of staff in the booth to no more than two per company, at any given time.

Thanks so much,



Jane Harnad

Manager, Events

OASIS | Advancing open standards for the information society 
+1.781.425.5073 x214 (Office)

Attachment: BoothStaff-RSA2017-CTI.xlsx
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