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rsa-cti-interop message

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Subject: RSA booth designs for review

Hi Everyone,

We're working to finalize our RSA booth space layout, so we can hand it over to the contractors. Before doing so we need feedback from the group. Below are several items for your review. Please forward your any requested feedback to me by COB Monday, 12 Feb. The feedback received will be discussed during a planning call with the group scheduled for Tuesday, 13 February at 11:00 AM ET (GMT-05:00). Please mark your calendars and plan to have at least one representative on this call.

Action items: 

1.) Send a YES or NO vote on whether to include a presentation area in the booth this year. The presentation area would be similar to last years. It would include a large monitor, sound system and seating. All participants would have the opportunity to present during the show. More information would follow on the presentation format and schedule in the coming weeks.

If the group decides not to include a presentation area, we would work with you to add other items as noted in the attached (see last page).

2.) Rank the attached booth layout options. Three booth space layouts are attached for your review. We're asking each participant to rank according to your preference. Please note: The furniture, colors, etc. will be different once our contractor is able to finalize the layout.

FYI: Hanging sign vs tower: We're looking into purchasing a hanging sign vs the tower graphic used last year. The decision will be made once all the associated costs have been determined. Each layout includes a picture of both.

3.) Evaluate the need for internet access. As noted in your agreement, internet connectivity is not included in your package. If the group decides to add internet access the cost per participant will be between $200-$300 (with 12 participants). We need a final decision by 19 Feb, so we plan to raise this item during our conference call.


Thanks so much for reviewing all the information. Please don't forget to send your feedback by COB Monday. More information will follow regarding our call later today.

Kind regards, Jane


Jane Harnad

Manager, Events

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+1.781.425.5073 x214 (Office)

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