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Subject: Addressing questions on our RSA 2017 design options

Hi Everyone,

We've receive a few great questions from the group regarding our layout options. I thought it would be a good idea to address the entire group to clarify. Please feel free to send along additional questions. Thanks so much, Jane

1.) Do we have any flexibility to shift things around a bit within the layout options?

Yes, provided the adjustment doesn't impact the overall expense. And it isn't a complete redesign.

2.) How do you see the group using the presentation areas?

The presentation area in each is an optional feature. It can be removed and possibly replaced by something else. (Example: A few tables/chairs or additional cabinets for storage.) Option #1 is designed to host a more formal presentation. This was brought up by several members last year, so we wanted to be sure to include that in at least one option. (Presentations may be performed by a designated member of the group or each participant could have a go. We would decide that later.) Options #2, #3 and #4 are designed more for individuals to view a short video describing our booth activities and/or to hold special demonstrations.

3.) What is the size of the counter tops and will they include holes to hide cords, etc.?

Please ignore the curves in the designs. The counters will be straight. The designer thought it would look better, but we have already clarified it wouldn't work well for our group. The current counter size in each booth design is currently 32" x 24," which is a little smaller than last years. The counters will have holes similar to past years to accommodate the wiring.

Again, based on conversations from last year, we do have some new options for the group to consider. 

a.) You will notice a glass display case in Option #1 that could be used to to display hardware normally placed on the counters. This display case or cases (depending on how much equipment would be include) could replace the presentation area in any of the other designs. An example of what the display case might look like onsite.

b.) If the above doesn't work and more counter space is needed, we will be able to request the same size as last year (37x24). 



Jane Harnad

Manager, Events

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