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rsa-interop-demo message

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Subject: RSA Interop booth space layout feedback for review & comment

Hi Everyone,

A member has expressed some concerns regarding the presentation/slideshow kiosk sections within the booth space options. Such concerns include: too complicated and stressful to manage onsite and it takes up too much space.
If you agree or have other ideas, please discuss them with the Interop Team using this list.

In addition, I understand many of you have already spoken to our Interop Lead (Tony Cox) about suggested layout options. He will be submitting that feedback to the list as well. 

We need consensus from the group outlining the requested changes by COB (ET) Friday, 2 Dec.

Thanks so much, Jane


Jane Harnad

Manager, Events

OASIS | Advancing open standards for the information society 
+1.781.425.5073 x214 (Office)

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