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Subject: Re: [rsa-interop-demo] RSA Interop booth space layout feedback for review & comment

Thanks for the clarification Valerie - and a scrolling display on a monitor wouldn't hurt - we have done it before - but I see that entirely different from the presentation areas in each of the current four options - those are "stages" rather than monitors.

As I said in my email - if we took the pillar out of option four and placed it in the center and had a monitor on each slide that would give us a place to run a TC-approved presentation along the lines of what you've suggested. 

Happy to contribute to that being done if enough members are on board for having a central monitor display as per 2010-2014 years and also doing the work to get such a presentation together and approved. There isn't much point in having a central monitor if we cannot produce and agree on something to run on it.


On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 12:20 PM, Valerie Fenwick <valerie.fenwick@oracle.com> wrote:
After reading Tim's reply, I wanted to note that my approval of the presentation space was based on discussions Jane had with us at the booth last year (as I recall): that the presentation space would be for TC promotion only. That is, in my head, 2-4 decks (some scrolling, some could be interactive)

1) What is KMIP/Why choose KMIP?
2) Recent changes in KMIP 1.3/work for 1.4
3) What is PKCS11, etc
4) recent changes in 2.40/work for 3.00 (and why 3.00 vs 2.50)

(You can see how this could be just 2 decks)

Nothing vendor specific. Any content, whether scrolling or interactive, should be for promoting participation and adoption of the standards.



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On Nov 30, 2016, at 5:39 PM, Tim Hudson <tjh@cryptsoft.com> wrote:

For the record, we absolutely appreciate the efforts and dedication of the OASIS staff and in particular Jane in working through the huge amount of things that have to be done to pull together a successful OASIS booth each year.

From our perspective (having now been through six KMIP interop events and three PKCS#11 showcases in a row) having a presentation area does not really make sense for an interop demonstration which is very much focused on concrete demonstration of actual cross-vendor interoperability.

If we did have a presentation area (as distinct from a display running a rolling presentation which we have done previously) then the TCs would have to go through the approval process and vet the material given that this is an OASIS event and not a vendor demonstration - and that process will certainly add to the work of each of the TCs.

The current four options for presentation areas absolutely impacts the booth design - effectively the approach of accommodating a presentation area in each of the current four options has carved out a substantial chunk of the 20x20 booth area and that impacts the space for the pods and the ability for people to flow between them and attendees to gather around a specific pod as part of the demonstration flow.

Our preference is that we have a design that is essentially more like the previous years with some minor tweaks (especially removal of the tall panels on each pod as that worked to isolate each pod and impact the flow) - i.e. none of the current options (as they are proposed). 

There are definitely some nice elements in the design approach in some of the options - but I think we have a standard approach we have been using that just needs a few tweaks - rather than changing the format to be a presentation podium with a set of pods around it. The emphasis (for KMIP) has always been on actual interoperability demonstrations.

Having a central pillar option with displays running a TC approved presentation in a loop with pods placed to maximise access to the traffic corridors would make most sense - effectively a hybrid approach. I think this (from the feedback I've received both on the booth and afterwards) is closest to the consensus view - but everyone does need to express their view to the group rather than just to each other privately - for the decision making process to work.

I'm also mindful of the enthusiasm some of the marketing teams from various organisations have for product/company pitches being able to occur - this is something that we believe does not belong at any OASIS event - the focus is on the work of the technical committees and the work of OASIS as an standards organisation. The enthusiasm is great for a vendor-specific booth - just not for a community oriented booth that is what the OASIS booth has always been.


On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 10:25 AM, Jane Harnad <jharnad@oasis-open.org> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

A member has expressed some concerns regarding the presentation/slideshow kiosk sections within the booth space options. Such concerns include: too complicated and stressful to manage onsite and it takes up too much space.
If you agree or have other ideas, please discuss them with the Interop Team using this list.

In addition, I understand many of you have already spoken to our Interop Lead (Tony Cox) about suggested layout options. He will be submitting that feedback to the list as well. 

We need consensus from the group outlining the requested changes by COB (ET) Friday, 2 Dec.

Thanks so much, Jane


Jane Harnad

Manager, Events

OASIS | Advancing open standards for the information society 
+1.781.425.5073 x214 (Office)

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