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saf-comment message

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Subject: SAF Primer feedback

Posted on behalf of Doug Davis…


 I looked over the SAF/CIMI doc and have just a few comments:

- change <<CIMI "get">> to <<CIMI "GET">>

- uses old version of CIMI but I'm assuming that will be automatically fixed

- no need for xpath.count() we now have a count property in each collection (sec 3.1.1)

- I think the loop in 3.1.1 (starts with: For each new machine…) is off.  If $new_machine_count is zero it'll still add a new machine.  And, when the count hits zero it still adds one more since it says >= 0  and not > 0 in the while statement.  So, if $new_machine_count starts at 1, this will actually add 2 machines. But I don't know Ruby so I could be wrong.

-Doug Davis
STSM |  Standards Architect  |  IBM Software Group

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