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saf message

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Subject: Introduction

Hi all,

following Dave's email nominating me as a co-chair (thanks Dave) I would like to introduce myself and say a few things about my background.

So, briefly, I come from an academic environment where I have been working with Vladimir Getov (Uni. of Westminster) for more than 5 years, doing my PhD and then as a research fellow in the areas of distributed and grid computing. In parallel, I spent 4 years in European projects including CoreGRID and GridCOMP, where I had a very active role both in R&D (I led our Westminster design team for 2 years) but also a strong supporting role in WP management, deliverable writing, organization, and integration. Following the successful completion of GridCOMP I then joined Fujitsu 7 months ago.

Regarding SAF, I have a deep knowledge of the current specs; I have led architecture and dev efforts for building a sensing solutions platform using a partial SAF implementation; I am involved in current efforts for developing a proof of concept application on top of a full SAF prototype; and I have some very cool and smart people around me here at Fujitsu!

So, I'm looking forward to getting started in SAF!

With regards,

Stavros Isaiadis (PhD)
Senior Researcher

Services and Solutions Research Division
Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Limited
Hayes Park Central, Hayes End Road
Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 8FE
tel: +44  (0) 20 8606 4520
e-mail: stavros.isaiadis@uk.fujitsu.com

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