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Subject: Possible TC Actions to Consider

I agree with Dave - a Cloud profile helps us have an interesting scenario and to also piggyback in the Cloud "buzz", which could help disseminate our group. For this reason I would assign it a high priority in our list.

On the same train of thought we could think of a number of other interesting applications, such as Social Networking / Knowledge Management, SOA, Virtualization / Appliances, Grid, Green Computing, etc.

Other than that I think we should also pay attention soon to Systems Management despite being "bread and butter" - and at the same time address the differences between us and the CDM work from DMTF... which is a question that has already been brought up by others commenting on symptoms...

And there are many other interesting scenarios too which we have discussed in the past in our pre-standard meetings, and Industry-related scenarios would be good to have in our repertoire as well. We wouldn't be able to address all these with depth but the idea of having mini-scenarios for understanding and dissemination (and to maybe "seed" other sub-initiatives) is probably a good thing.

In connection with this expanded scenario list we should also discuss strategies for marketing and expansion to promote growth in our group. Our first mission I believe should be to make people notice this initiative and get them interested on possible applications and start forming a larger community. This agrees well with the concept of being a "broad" and generic specification.

Marcelo Perazolo
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IBM Corporation
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Inactive hide details for David Snelling ---10/29/2009 05:41:16 AM---Folks, I have commented of the naming issue, but not the CDavid Snelling ---10/29/2009 05:41:16 AM---Folks, I have commented of the naming issue, but not the Cloud Profile:


David Snelling <David.Snelling@UK.Fujitsu.com>


"Lipton, Paul C" <Paul.Lipton@ca.com>




10/29/2009 05:41 AM


Re: [saf] Possible TC Actions to Consider


I have commented of the naming issue, but not the Cloud Profile:

I am strongly in favor of doing a Cloud Profile of Symptoms, probably at the IaaS level. Within the DMTF and OGF there are activities that provide us with domain specific schema, etc. I suggest we consider, as Pual suggests, a "test" of the system. This would not need to be a normative deliverable of the TC, but possibly part of a primer or suchlike. This should not then interfere with our charter, but give us something cloud-like to socialize the spec with. The next question, should you all like this idea, is what scenario should we look at describing in Symptoms terminology?

Talk to you tonight.

On 28 Oct 2009, at 21:27, Lipton, Paul C wrote:
"Lipton, Paul C" <
10/26/2009 02:01 PM
[saf] Possible TC Actions to Consider

Take care:

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