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Subject: Important next steps and action items

Hi all,

as per our last call (please have a look at the minutes those that did not attend) we should be looking at filling in some provisional symptoms at each level of our use case -the investment market one.

Soooo, I have just uploaded a draft document of the use case. Apologies if it looks a bit cluttered right now. As per Vivian's suggestion I have added tables for the symptoms, syndromes, and protocols to be filled in. Details should go in the normal text. There are also discussion tables in the document for contentious issues -not sure if that's the best way to do this so any suggestions are welcomed.

We (Fujitsu) have provided a draft list of symptoms for the PaaS (Elasto-Stor storage service) and we'll work towards completing some more details (mainly on possible syndromes and protocols) over the nex days.

Important action items: CA is to provide some details on the SaaS, and IBM on the IaaS layers. If you could do so before Thursday so that I will have some time to consolidate all input and bring the document to a more acceptable format before next call.



PS. link to doc: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/saf/download.php/35576/Symptoms%20Use%20Case%20-%20Stock%20Market%20-v0.3.3.doc

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