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Subject: Re: [saf] Event Processing Technical Society - Use Cases


These look pretty good. I agree that 2 is a bit one domain-ish, but that shouldn't stop us. These single domain use cases will be interesting to vendors who have already bought into the need for cross domain applications and therefore already have the basis for quick development in single domain cases, with added bonus of being able to sell it as standards based as well.

On 25 Apr 2010, at 23:25, Vaught, Jeffrey A wrote:

I’ve recently scanned the EP-TS use cases to see how they might be applicable to SAF (per suggestion from Brian Connell at West Global).  Before I respond to Brian, could everyone take a quick look at my summaries and offer any feedback.
Use Case 1: Fraud Mgmt in Retail
-          Summary: Detect theft in retail environment, e.g. returning items that weren’t purchased.
-          Current solutions: Surveillance, RFID, etc.  Largely ineffective due to isolated systems and historical nature.
-          Sources of Symptoms: Sales data, Customer data, Security data
-          SAF applicability: Seems that every retailer has a proprietary system to thwart fraud.  Most of these systems rely on some decision/action logic which could be codified into a SAF catalog for the benefit of all retailers.
Use Case 2: Activity Monitoring (West Global’s use case)
-          Summary: A retailer tracks activities for a particular merchandise:  pre-pay sales and post-pay sales, as either a new sale or an upgrade.  Event system tracks “actual vs expected” and alerts when there is a discrepancy.
-          Current solutions: West Global’s own Business Activity suite (along with many many competitors).
-          Sources of Symptoms: The discrepancy alerts.
-          SAF applicability: This use case doesn’t really traverse boundaries.  The SAF use case starts where this use case leaves off… when the discrepancy alert is generated (as a SAF symptom).  For example, an unexpected decline in upgrades coupled with an increase in customer help desk incidents might trigger some action??
Use Case 3: First responders (Oracle)
-          Summary: Accident occurs.  Call to 911 automatically dispatches closest police, paramedics, tow truck.  Highway traffic signs are automatically updated to warn of accident.
-          Current solutions: Proprietary 911 systems
-          Sources of Symptoms: 911 incident, policy/paramedic/two truck status.
-          SAF applicability: This is similar to the Fast Flowers Delivery use case.  Oracle talks about a ‘registry’ that matches publishers to consumers, kind of a ‘plug n play’ effect.  The SAF catalog acts as that ‘registry’, bridging cross-domain symptoms to a well-known set of actions (ie: dispatch police, etc).
Use Case 4: Facility Safety (IBM)
-          Summary: Track every person in a facility via RFID for purposes of security and safety.
-          Current Solutions: Proprietary RFID tracking software.
-          Sources of Symptoms: RFID chips/scanners
-          SAF applicability: The IBM use case talks about recognizing well-known patterns such as: visitor too far away from escort; person in restricted area; and so forth.  Again, these are patterns that could be codified in a SAF catalog and re-used.

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