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Subject: FW: Event Processing Technical Society - Use Cases

Resending some of the use case outlines around EP-TS (per our discussion today with Paul Vincent).


From: Vaught, Jeffrey A
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2010 6:26 PM
To: saf@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Event Processing Technical Society - Use Cases


I’ve recently scanned the EP-TS use cases to see how they might be applicable to SAF (per suggestion from Brian Connell at West Global).  Before I respond to Brian, could everyone take a quick look at my summaries and offer any feedback.


Use Case 1: Fraud Mgmt in Retail

-          Summary: Detect theft in retail environment, e.g. returning items that weren’t purchased.

-          Current solutions: Surveillance, RFID, etc.  Largely ineffective due to isolated systems and historical nature.

-          Sources of Symptoms: Sales data, Customer data, Security data

-          SAF applicability: Seems that every retailer has a proprietary system to thwart fraud.  Most of these systems rely on some decision/action logic which could be codified into a SAF catalog for the benefit of all retailers.


Use Case 2: Activity Monitoring (West Global’s use case)

-          Summary: A retailer tracks activities for a particular merchandise:  pre-pay sales and post-pay sales, as either a new sale or an upgrade.  Event system tracks “actual vs expected” and alerts when there is a discrepancy.

-          Current solutions: West Global’s own Business Activity suite (along with many many competitors).

-          Sources of Symptoms: The discrepancy alerts.

-          SAF applicability: This use case doesn’t really traverse boundaries.  The SAF use case starts where this use case leaves off… when the discrepancy alert is generated (as a SAF symptom).  For example, an unexpected decline in upgrades coupled with an increase in customer help desk incidents might trigger some action??


Use Case 3: First responders (Oracle)

-          Summary: Accident occurs.  Call to 911 automatically dispatches closest police, paramedics, tow truck.  Highway traffic signs are automatically updated to warn of accident.

-          Current solutions: Proprietary 911 systems

-          Sources of Symptoms: 911 incident, policy/paramedic/two truck status.

-          SAF applicability: This is similar to the Fast Flowers Delivery use case.  Oracle talks about a ‘registry’ that matches publishers to consumers, kind of a ‘plug n play’ effect.  The SAF catalog acts as that ‘registry’, bridging cross-domain symptoms to a well-known set of actions (ie: dispatch police, etc).


Use Case 4: Facility Safety (IBM)

-          Summary: Track every person in a facility via RFID for purposes of security and safety.

-          Current Solutions: Proprietary RFID tracking software.

-          Sources of Symptoms: RFID chips/scanners

-          SAF applicability: The IBM use case talks about recognizing well-known patterns such as: visitor too far away from escort; person in restricted area; and so forth.  Again, these are patterns that could be codified in a SAF catalog and re-used.





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