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Subject: RE: [saf] Incident Id Proposal

Thinking aloud: With Dave's proposed IncidentId one could ensure that
Symptoms "Slight Headache" and "Severe Headache" are an escalation of
the same Headache... as opposed to distinct Headaches (perhaps weeks

The Diagnostician could even use this information to close the incident
(clear the symptom store, etc) upon seeing Symptom "Headache Gone".  I
don't think we've discussed the mechanics of this, and perhaps it is an
implementation detail.

Paul discussed a higher level context such as when the Headaches are
caused by Pollution which is caused by poor Environmental Oversight.
It's a tiering of Incidents something like this...

All of these Incidents are related to poor Environmental Oversight:
IncidentID=A1 -- symptom1="increased pollution"
IncidentID=A2 -- symptom1="improper environmental spending"

All of these Incidents are related to Pollution:
IncidentID=B1 -- symptom1="slight headache"  symptom2="severe headache"
IncidentID=B2 -- symptom1="dirty windows"
IncidentID=B3 -- symptom1="bad tasting drinking water"

In Paul's scenario, some kind of UberIncidentID would link together the
Pollution symptoms, and a UberUberIncidentID would link together the
Environmental Oversight symptoms.
It seems unlikely that a simple symptom emitter would be able to provide
these Uber*IncidentIDs.  So maybe these kinds of relationships are
defined elsewhere, and leveraged by the Diagnostian.

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Subject: [saf] Incident Id Proposal


For my AI from today's call:


Include a new top level, optional element in Symptom.

Field:		IncidentId
Type:		anyURI
Properties:	Optional, Unique (to the incident in question),
Description:	This optional identifier may be included in a Symptom to
assist consumers in associating this symptom with others. Care should be
taken to establish basic mechanisms to ensure that it is unique to an

Schema:	<IncidentID>xsd:anyURI</IncidentID>


	- We could use a more generic term like CoordinationID.
	- We might consider saying how this might be passed (in a
standard way) to Practitioners in the prescription.

Just a thought.
Take care:

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